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I first met Megan and Chris at a hip, downtown LA eatery, but I was so involved in chatting away about all things wedding that I don't think I tasted a thing! At our next meeting, I discovered that not only were they foodies, but that Megan is truly the DIY queen. She had so many fantastic ideas for her wedding, and we would go on to spend many-a-weekend DIYing away with her soon to be mother- and sister-in-law. The result: a fun and whimsical wedding filled with the kind of details that really make a wedding memorable. After saying their vows at the family church in Irvine, guests sent the bride and groom on their way with "Team Megan" or "Team Chris" pennants, stamped with words of love in either English or Spanish. The Smog Shoppe in Culver City gave the couple the cool, LA vibe they were seeking for their reception, and following an amazing dinner feast by Heirloom LA, family and friends alike took the dance floor by storm - exactly what the bride and groom had hoped for.


Photography by Bernard Roldan Photography