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I always consider myself lucky when, after months of planning, I can call a bride and groom "friend" post-wedding. With Liz and Andy, I was lucky times two to call them friend before we even started planning. At the time of their engagement, Liz and I worked together as event planners, and we might have snuck in a wedding conversation or two during the work day...Liz is one of the most glamorous, stylish women I've ever known, and so it was no surprise that their wedding was a stunner, from her gorgeous, pale-pink wedding gown to the floating dahlia and candle centerpieces, Liz's sense of style was definitely on display. Following the ceremony in the rotunda of the Los Angeles Public Library, guests walked downstairs to the Maguire Gardens at Cafe Pinot to enjoy dinner and dancing under the stars, and some really fabulous lanterns.


Photography by Suzanne Mapes Photography