On Decision Fatigue While Planning Your Wedding




I love weddings, I really do.  Otherwise, I think it would be hard to enjoy this job.  But I love all the details, thinking through all the possibilities, slogging through all the decisions to be made – it truly is my jam. 


Recently, at the end of the night after all the toasts were toasted, food was fed, and dancers had danced, I had the pleasure of sitting around the fire pit with the bride and groom and a few crew members and rehashing the most perfect wedding day.  There was the joyous “that just happened!” moment, we talked about the things they most enjoyed about the day, and then we veered off into more personal reflections, and they admitted something that was a complete surprise to me – they had been suffering decision-fatigue in the last few weeks leading up to their wedding!  What?!  I had no idea!  Why didn’t you tell me?!


On the one hand I was surprised that they had felt it strongly enough to give it a name, but on the other hand, I probably knew that they were tired of the decision-making process. If I’m being totally honest, most brides and grooms feel exactly this way in the last few weeks leading up to the big day.  It’s just that I am SO used to making decisions, that it doesn’t faze me.  But it’s not fair to assume that since I’m happy to make 101 decisions a day, that everyone else is happy to do so too. 


Some couples feel guilty that they don’t enjoy the wedding planning process.  But I’m here to tell you that it’s ok and it’s a very natural response.  After all, you’ve been at it for months, and likely some of your normal routine has been set aside to allow for seemingly endless discussions on napkin folds and favor placement.  I get it, I really do. 


My advice to the wedding weary: give yourselves a break.  Take a weekend and ban all wedding talk - remember what your lives were like pre-wedding planning. I promise you’ll return refreshed and ready to tackle the to-do list. Then, as the big day approaches, you can revel in the knowledge that after all your hard work is done, you’ll have the most perfect day to enjoy and be proud of. 




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photo credit: Betsi Ewing Studio



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