Tuesday....it's all about the Shoes

Sunday = Funday.  And then there's manic Monday.  Tuesday...well, Shoes-day, of course!

For years I was all about silver...silvery jewelry, silver accessories, silver touches in my home, but I've turned  a proverbial corner and now it's all about the gold.  So, what better way to kick-off Tuesday Shoes-day with these golden lovelies....behold....

Wouldn't it feel decadent to float down the aisle in these beauties on your wedding day?  I'd wear them with a simple chiffon halter gown and an armful of golden bangles.

Happy Shoes-day!




Arda wrote...
Hi Alycia, Currently I drink 24oz of water and 48oz of strawberry bnaana smoothie a day. I'm working on the food portion of my diet because I just naturally crave more food in the warm months of the year. Looking forward to trying an all-natural cake. Thanks for the tips.
July 20, 2013 04:37

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