I Love Mondays - Soft Wedding Bouquets

Hello!  I'm finally back to the I Love Monday series.  I've missed writing about my favorite things, and thank you for letting me have a little time to get things in order!


To kick off my return, today I'm writing about something that surprises me - my new-found love for soft bouquets. You see, I've always been a structural flower kind of girl.  And I've almost always gravitated toward bouquets and arrangements that were comprised of a single flower.  I guess old dogs can learn new tricks, though, because more and more I find myself drawn to beautiful arrangements comprised of soft, almost paper-like flowers. I really love soft colors bound with a striking ribbon.  And I've always loved bouquets that were personalized with charms, small lockets with photos of loved ones, and rosaries. 



ohhhh how I love anenomes


ranunculus and roses are divine


while a little more structured, the dusty miller and anenomes soften the overall look


I love this one so much...I think those are ranunculs and roses, but what are the papery pink blooms?

I really could look at these photos over and over.  And a little hint.....these shots are accompanying me on my visit with my florist for our wedding!  :-)

Thank you for your patience, and...Happy Monday!


photo credits:
established in paris
Martha Stewart Weddings scanned by Deanna Nash Events



Abdul wrote...
I totally see Willie Bird in the lisetltt Dame. So cute! Now about this holiday card special does the same rate apply to uncooperative dogs with razor sharp teeth? (I can show proof of rabies vaccination if that would seal the deal.)
July 21, 2013 03:10
Thomas wrote...
WOW!!!! I can't wait to see more pictures. Heidi you are an abuoslte pleasure and made Lance and I (Groom and Bride) feel so comfortable in front of the camera. Words cannot express how amazed we were not only by your talent, but your ability to make us feel so special and relaxed. We cannot wait for more of our friends to get married just so that we can reccomend your services .
July 20, 2013 11:09

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