I Love Mondays.....Birdcage Veils

Hello Love-lies! Today's "love" is for birdcage veils. Actually, this love started a few years back when I first watched the movie "Sweet Home Alabama" and Melanie Carmichael (nee Smooter) walked down the aisle on her Daddy's arm wearing a beautiful yet simple gown with an equally simple and stunning birdcage veil. It was love at first sight -for the veil, that is. For me, her look personified City-fied Southern girl (sound familiar??).

Years later, I still swoon over birdcage veils. To me they are the essence of elegance, and I've long since envisioned myself wearing one on my wedding day. Additionally, and this is just my opinion, they also work for a bride who might be a bit older than the average age of 27, and with me being just a shade past my 29th birthday (ahem), it just feels right. Just a shade past 29, ya'll. **have the decency to turn your head if you're snickering at that!** :-)

via Utah Bride Guide, photo by Justin Hackworth

via Ruffled, photo by Stephanie Williams

via blissweddings

via 1st-wedding-veil

via birdcageveils.com
Happy Monday, Loves!!




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