If it's Monday it Must Be Love...

Happy Monday everyone! I'm thrilled to share with you my next Monday love - Letterpress invitations.

To say I love paper products would be an understatement. I could spend hours perusing my favorite paper stores, finding obscure little paper items to bring home. So to combine my love of weddings with my love of papers, what better to represent that crossroads than letterpress wedding invitations!

I know what you're thinking - letterpress can be pricey. Yes, it can be, I won't deny that. However, in the age of the internet, you can find everything from bespoke items to ready-designed paper suites in a range to fit almost any budget.

So, without further delay, some of my faves...

Danielle - Honeybee PressLesley - Honeybee Press
New Calligraphy - Bella Figura
Danielle - Honeybee Press

Chapin - Bella Figura

Popular Country - Bella Figura

Barcelona - Bella Figura

Typology - Bella Figura

Anna - Honeybee Press


Joan wrote...
btw I got a question about somehting that happened. A seller sells an item .buyer goes and reports for buyers protection and they return your merchandise in worse condition or heaven forbid say send you a fake gold piece for a real gold piece you sold them? There? was a video I watched about this new policy on pickerinc video check it out. I'd like to make all ebayers aware of that. They have a good point at the end of the vid
July 21, 2013 01:24

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