I Love Mondays - Brightly Hued Wedding Shoes

I'm back! Apologies for the long delay, my only excuse is that it's wedding season! Oh, and I've got that wedding to plan for myself too. Now that I'm in the lull that is always August, I have a few moments to catch up on the blog, so I thought I'd start with the accessory that is always my favorite to shop for - shoes!

I love love love when brides wear colorful shoes as part of their wedding attire. They're spunky and fun, and definitely show the personality of the bride.

A few of my favorites...

These spicy red numbers are by the brilliant Mr. Louboutin. These shoes totally say 'Spanish Beauty' to me. Imagine them paried with a beautiful ballgown and cathedral length veil with a lace edging. Red lips and a gorgeous red rose bouquet to finish off the look. Perfection.

Love this green - so fresh and spring-y. These would look lovely with an antique-inspired lace dress, or even a fresh and breezy dress for your beachside nuptials.

Ahhhh...Manolo Blahnik. There are no words to describe your perfection. I would wear you morning, noon and night if you graced my shoe closet!

These lilac beauties have me envisioning an ivory ballgown with beautiful pickups and a matching lilac ribbon sash fastened with an antique brooch.

I want to salsa dance in these hot pink numbers. I think they would look magnificent paired with silk-chiffon halter dress and a hot pink flower in your up-do.

And just because I love them so, Manolo Blahniks again, this time in royal blue. If you're a fan of 'Sex and the City' movies, you'll recognize these as the beauties that sat abandoned in Carrie and Big's 'heaven on 5th' penthouse, until Mr. Big realized how daft he'd been, proposed to Carrie and used these to seal the deal. Before we were engaged, I secretly hoped my beloved would do the same! shhhh!

What will your dancing shoes look like?

Happy August!!






Sergey wrote...
Yeah, I also love how they go Who's the tank? You're the tank. Oh Deadmines was my first Alliance insnatce, but my first insnatce ever was probably Wailing Caverns since I started out as horde. My brother was boosting me through it and I had no idea what we were doing or where we were going (the place still has me confused too!).And is it me, or is that a song from an Aladdin movie?
July 23, 2013 12:38
Mayan wrote...
LOL at the bride and groom! Never in their wildest dremas they imagined their wedding pics would be seen by millions of Robsten fans.On the other hand if they split up they can always blame Rob and Stewie, LMAO. I m kidding so lay off!
July 21, 2013 06:43

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