Having His Cake, and Eating it Too

No, I'm not referring to that. I'm referring to what I like to call the resurgence of the groom's cake. Have you experienced it too? At more than one wedding this year, guests have been treated to what is usually a feast for both the eyes and the palate. One of the most interesting was this Mario Brothers inspired 3-tier cake. As you might imagine, the men were swarming around it!

In my mind, the groom's cake was a Southern tradition. After all, growing up in Texas, it was practically a staple at any wedding. Unfortunately, while my interest in weddings started before I hit double digits, my interest in the logistics of weddings wasn't yet fully formed, so I have no idea if the groom chose his cake or if the bride (or her mom) chose it for him.


Upon doing a little research on the tradition of the groom's cake, I found that it was indeed originally a "southern thing." More than one website also noted that the groom's cake was to be a gift from the bride to the groom, and more interesting, was not meant to be consumed by the groom, but was to be wrapped up to be taken home by guests. This is also apparently the origin of the old adage that if a girl sleeps with a piece of the cake under her pillow, she'll dream of her future husband.


Groom's cake, anyone?
photo by Joy Harmon, Wildflowers Photography


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Eri wrote...
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