Kristine and Ronnie's Wedding!

Beautiful couple, beautiful setting, beautiful day.  I'll let the amazing photos by D. Park Photography tell the story....


As always, BIG thanks to Sherwood Country Club, and the amazing vendors who were all such a pleasure to work with:
Photography - D. Park Photography
Videography - LA Color Productions
DJ, Lighting, Photobooth - DJFX Entertainment
Hair and Makeup - Chiali Meng
Officiant - Greg Daum
Floral Design - La Fleur by Tracy

Wedding Dress Wednesday - Grand Entrances and Exits

When shopping for your wedding dress, of course you should look for a dress that will frame you beautifully as you make your grand entrance toward the altar, but what about once you get there?  As I was looking through my Dreamy Dresses board on Pinterest, I noticed that almost every dress I pin is beautifully adorned, many of them with spectacular back details, and thought I would share some of the dreaminess.   What dress details most often catch your eye?
Yes, I know this is a front shot, but (1) what a GRAND entrance this would make (and I just KNOW is has an amazing back), and (2) it's Elie Saab, and I can never get enough of his stunning creations.
Happy Wednesday!
p.s.  If you would like help creating the wedding of your dreams, email me at deanna at deannanashevents dot com.  I'd love to help!

Favorite Dress Designers...Carol Hannah

I literally swooned when I first saw Carol-Hannah's Spring 2013 collection.  I loved Carol-Hannah during her run on Project Runway, and I'm still a big fan today.  Just a few favorites from the collection....

the word "ethereal" comes to mind.
For more, visit Carol Hannah's website

via Carol Hannah's blog, photos by Corbin Gurkin.
this is not a sponsored post.  I'm just a huge fan!


Plans of a Planner - A Change of Course

As you might imagine, plans are everything to a planner.  Heck, as a wedding planner, the word plan is even part of my title.  Just as important as a good plan, though, is the ability to roll with the punches when the plan changes.  And friends, my plans have changed.

Rather than the country club wedding we were planning, we've decided to elope!  Some might question my use of an exclamation point at the end of that sentence, but it's one of the most perfectly placed exclamations I have ever used (and for those of you who know me, you know that I'm a prolific user of the e.p.).  See, I'm very excited for us and for our new plan.  In actuality, eloping was our first plan of action, even before we were engaged, so we've come full circle back to what we really wanted to do.

What's the plan?  Glad you asked.  In the early spring we're traveling up to beautiful San Francisco and getting married in that city's iconic City Hall.  Our amazing photographer has agreed to go with us, and of course the day wouldn't be complete without our parents and my future brothers-in-law.  A month or so later, we'll travel to...wait for it...Paris for more photos and our honeymoon!  I am SO excited. 

San Francisco City Hall

The Eifel Tower, Paris, France

Lesson for other brides:  follow your heart, do what feels right to you.  Do I regret my country club plans?  No way, definitely not.  It would have been a beautiful way to celebrate our marriage.  We've just decided to stay true to ourselves and do what feels most like us.

photos (1), (2), (3)


I Love Mondays - Brightly Hued Wedding Nails

I think I'll dub 2011 the year of the bright lip and even brighter nails!  This year, more than any other year I can recall, women of all ages have embraced colorful lips and nails, and that trend has definitely found its way into wedding fashion as well.  For as long as I can remember, pale pink polish or the ubiquitous french mani have been de rigueur when it comes to weddings.  No more!  Brides are embracing their passion for color, from mis-matched floral centerpieces to fun painted furniture as accent pieces, to their lips and nails.

Love this look on Drew Barrymore.  Girl can pull off just about any look, and she does vintage here quite well.

Bright flowers with equally bright nails.

Lovely coral...and Chanel to boot!

Love that her nails are short, but she went for red anyway.  My kind of girl!

I love this look, but I would be hard-pressed to wear it myself.  However, I would definitely wear each of these colors.

Notice that the "moons" of her nails are a lighter color - intriguing!

Love this color -  need it now!


I'm calling this one the "party nail."  So elegant and eye-catching.  Would you try it?

Happy Monday!

all images via my Pinterest page


The Plans of a Planner - Decision Making 101

As we move through the process of planning our wedding, I'm realizing that one of the most difficult aspects of being a wedding planner and planning my own wedding is this: I love too many styles! Black-tie formal wedding - yes, sign me up! Country barn wedding complete with hay bales and champagne in ball jars - absolutely! City chic wedding with feathered centerpieces and ultra-modern details - but of course! is a bona-fide lover of all things wedding supposed to choose just one style for her own wedding?

Well, my friends, it hasn't been easy, but I'll let you in on a few of my secret weapons of planning.


1. Don't make rash decisions - let them marinate. I've practiced what I preach on almost all of my decisions. Case in point: I've tossed and turned trying to figure out what I want to do about the reception music: Band, DJ, Band, DJ, Band, DJ. I really, really want the evening to flow like a long dinner party without many stops and starts for dances, bouquet toss, etc. So finally, after months on the fence, I made a final decision, emailed my favorite vendor, and voila, done!



2. Once you've made a decision, don't continue to shop for vendors/items in that same category. This is a deadly no-no. Case in point: For months I thought about the type of wedding dress I would want. Once I started researching designers, I found 2 dresses from the same designer that I really loved. I made an appointment, viewed both dresses, made a decision and placed the order. Done. Then....about 2 weeks ago I started looking through wedding magazines (something I haven't had much time to do lately) and found myself drawn to the dresses, and began questioning my purchase. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! My advice to myself: back away from the magazines (at least the dress ads!). I knew right away that I had to stop thinking "what if..." and continue down the path that I happen to be very happy with.



3. Trust yourself and your planner. Others will definitely want to give you their opinion, tell you what they did for their wedding, suggest something they think is pretty on you, etc. That's great, listen graciously, thank profusely, and then trust your own instincts as to what works best for you and your fiance. It's YOUR wedding. Fortunately, everyone knows I plan weddings and I haven't had to fend off unwanted advice. In fact, I've gone searching for advice and opinions from those I know will be honest with me. At the end of the day, though, it's my and my fiance's final decision on what we want for our big day.



So there you go, my no-nonsense easy-to-remember wedding planning secret weapons.



Happy Planning!






I Love Mondays - Brightly Hued Wedding Shoes

I'm back! Apologies for the long delay, my only excuse is that it's wedding season! Oh, and I've got that wedding to plan for myself too. Now that I'm in the lull that is always August, I have a few moments to catch up on the blog, so I thought I'd start with the accessory that is always my favorite to shop for - shoes!

I love love love when brides wear colorful shoes as part of their wedding attire. They're spunky and fun, and definitely show the personality of the bride.

A few of my favorites...

These spicy red numbers are by the brilliant Mr. Louboutin. These shoes totally say 'Spanish Beauty' to me. Imagine them paried with a beautiful ballgown and cathedral length veil with a lace edging. Red lips and a gorgeous red rose bouquet to finish off the look. Perfection.

Love this green - so fresh and spring-y. These would look lovely with an antique-inspired lace dress, or even a fresh and breezy dress for your beachside nuptials.

Ahhhh...Manolo Blahnik. There are no words to describe your perfection. I would wear you morning, noon and night if you graced my shoe closet!

These lilac beauties have me envisioning an ivory ballgown with beautiful pickups and a matching lilac ribbon sash fastened with an antique brooch.

I want to salsa dance in these hot pink numbers. I think they would look magnificent paired with silk-chiffon halter dress and a hot pink flower in your up-do.

And just because I love them so, Manolo Blahniks again, this time in royal blue. If you're a fan of 'Sex and the City' movies, you'll recognize these as the beauties that sat abandoned in Carrie and Big's 'heaven on 5th' penthouse, until Mr. Big realized how daft he'd been, proposed to Carrie and used these to seal the deal. Before we were engaged, I secretly hoped my beloved would do the same! shhhh!

What will your dancing shoes look like?

Happy August!!





I Love Mondays - Cake, cake and more cake!

I had a fabulous weekend - and I hope all of you wonderful mothers out there did too! Since I'm a doggy-mom, my sweet fiance took me to my favorite Tex-Mex joint for lunch, and then we commenced with some wedding planning activities. And you know what? We had a blast!

Our first stop post-lunch was a local beachside hotel that is currently under consideration as the venue for our wedding. While I've been to this hotel many times and have done multiple events there, my fiance had not and it was great to see the space through his fresh perspective. We both really like it, and can imagine ourselves along with our family and friends there, so we've added it to the short list.

Next stop: wedding registry. I thought that we would have fun, but I didn't anticipate how MUCH fun it would be! We had so much fun that mr. fiance commented that he should get married more often. That drew a laugh from me, and sideways glances from our fellow shoppers...hehehe. Needless to say, mr. fiance got to hold the zapper/gun/thingy while I got to point to the items we need and tell him how many of each to add to the list. **Note to our future guests - we might have gotten a tad carried away with the zapping, so we're going to edit the list before making it public.**

Finally, (and here's where I'll get to the point of today's post) we stopped at a local bakery to try some of their tasty delights. Again, I've been to this bakery, used their services for weddings, and may have tasted a bite (or two or three) of their goods before, but my sweets-loving fiance had not. There was a bit of a line, but that gave us time to decide what flavors to try: vanilla bean frosting on vanilla cake for him, vanilla bean frosting on chocolate cake for me (we are WILD, aren't we?). The verdict: YUM, definitely serving their cake at our wedding. In fact, why stop at just one cake, when you can have multiple? And therein lies the plan - we'll have multiple cakes in varying flavors and design. Now we just need to go back to the bakery and officially "taste" them and make final decisions. Oh, it's a rough life, but someone's gotta do it!

So, in anticipation of the big cake reveal, some of my favorites from around the web:

martha stewart weddings via this is glamorous
via the






martha stewart weddings via this is glamorous

Happy Monday!

If It's Monday it must be Love.....

There are oh-so-many things I love about weddings. Blushing brides, handsome grooms, tears of joy and yummy cakes, to name just a few. So with today being Valentine's Day - the day of love - it seems only fitting to begin a new weekly blog series "I Love Monday," where I'll share my love for all things wedding. It's my hope that on Sunday evening, rather than dreading facing the boss in the a.m., you'll anxiously await the next installment of I Love Monday and tune in here for a dose of wedding eye-candy!

So, without further delay, I am proud to introduce my first Monday love: Wedding dresses with a strap or sleeves.

Don't get me wrong, strapless dresses are stunning and flatter many shapes and sizes. But I'm a sleeve girl - always have been. When flipping through wedding mags, I'm always drawn to dresses that have either a strap or a sleeve. So, to celebrate this first I Love Monday post - drumroll please - a few of my favorite dresses, each with a bit of fabric gracing the shoulder. Enjoy!

(Elie Saab via This is Glamorous blog)

(Carolina Herrera Sonia via


(Lela Rose - The Woods)

(Peter Langner Xantia Due via Martha Stewart Weddings)

(Vera Wang Farrah)

Youliny and Steven

I was so privileged to be a part of Youliny and Steven's wedding on June 27th of this year. Their warmth and love for each other was evident in all of the details of their beautiful day. Once again, Sherwood Country Club provided a breathtaking backdrop, and top-notch vendors like photographers Ken Jung and Mitchel Wu and DJ Bill Child made the day run smoothly.

Thank you Youliny and Steven, it was a pleasure to be a part of your wedding!



For more photos, visit Mitchell Wu's blog .

Having His Cake, and Eating it Too

No, I'm not referring to that. I'm referring to what I like to call the resurgence of the groom's cake. Have you experienced it too? At more than one wedding this year, guests have been treated to what is usually a feast for both the eyes and the palate. One of the most interesting was this Mario Brothers inspired 3-tier cake. As you might imagine, the men were swarming around it!

In my mind, the groom's cake was a Southern tradition. After all, growing up in Texas, it was practically a staple at any wedding. Unfortunately, while my interest in weddings started before I hit double digits, my interest in the logistics of weddings wasn't yet fully formed, so I have no idea if the groom chose his cake or if the bride (or her mom) chose it for him.


Upon doing a little research on the tradition of the groom's cake, I found that it was indeed originally a "southern thing." More than one website also noted that the groom's cake was to be a gift from the bride to the groom, and more interesting, was not meant to be consumed by the groom, but was to be wrapped up to be taken home by guests. This is also apparently the origin of the old adage that if a girl sleeps with a piece of the cake under her pillow, she'll dream of her future husband.


Groom's cake, anyone?
photo by Joy Harmon, Wildflowers Photography

Rachel and Lonney, March 20, 2010

Sometimes, all the stars align, everything is just right, you meet your soulmate, fall in love, there is a proposal, followed by the most perfect wedding. At least that's my version of Rachel and Lonney's story.

I met Rachel and Lonney just about a year ago and immediately knew I wanted to work with them. They are fun, loving, dedicated to each other, family-people, who also just happen to have two adorable corgis.

All the stars aligned again a couple of weeks ago for their perfect wedding day. All of the elements were in place: a beautiful bride, dashing groom, breathtaking venue, fun-loving guests and fantastic vendors. I'll let the photos from amazing photographer Susan Bordelon tell the rest of the story...

And once again, an ocean of gratitude to our wonderful vendors:
Videography - Walter Pawluk
DJ - Bill Child
Hair - Piper White-Baker
Makeup - Tifanie White
Ceremony Musicians - Angelica Strings
Officiant - Rabbi Melissa Buyer
Transportation - United Limo and Charter

East Coast Style + West Coast Vibe = Fun, Fabulous Wedding!

Jessica and Ryan trekked from the East Coast westward for their March 13 wedding in Marina del Rey. Held at the amazing Ritz-Carlton Hotel, theirs was one of the most fun-filled weddings I've been privileged to be a part of. They were fun. Their families and guests were fun. Even the food was fun!

After a cold rainy week, beautiful weather prevailed and their nuptials went off without a hitch.

Check out the fabulous photos by the VERY talented Wayne Yuan Photography.

Thank you to all of the amazing vendors who made this event a night to remember!

Jenn and Chris, January 30, 2010


Words can't express how fun and full of love Jenn and Chris' wedding was, so I'll let this video tell the story. The setting was the magically beautiful Sherwood Country Club, just after the sun set, and it was stunning.

Thank you to all of our vendors, you were all fantastic to work with!!

Flowers - Jenn at Belle of the Ball Designs
Photography - Joy Harman, Wildflowers Photography (see more photos at Joy's blog)
Makeup - Heather Coopersmith at Makeup the Bride
DJ/Band - Ben Nafissi at 4th Dimension Entertainment
Videography - Weston Reel at Imaginiqe Cinema
Photobooth - Photoboof at Transglobal Entertainment
Ceremony Musicians - Rossi Music
Cake - Pastries by Vreeke
Transportation - American Luxury Limousine
Rentals - Ventura Party Rentals


"Favor"ite Ideas

The most oft-asked question from brides and grooms is "what do you think of wedding favors?" to answer. Of all the details that go into planning a wedding, ironically, I think choosing favors can be one of the hardest decisions to make. I've witnessed couples wrack their brains over the perfect gift for their guests.


My advice is to think practically when choosing a favor. When scouring the internets for the elusive unique favor, put yourself in your guest's seat and consider what you would like to take home and use. Better yet, think what you'd like to nibble right there at table number twelve. I always encourage my brides and grooms to give edible favors when possible. Why? Well, from the planner's birds-eye view, when I am clearing table at the end of a wedding, I either see lots of favors left unopened, or I see lots of favor boxes opened and the goodies are always missing. Ninety-nine percent of the time when a favor is edible, it is consumed before the evening is half-way through! On the other hand, when a single votive holder or other such gift is left for guests, at the end of the evening I end up packing those back up for the bride and groom to take back home. Sad, but true.

Another great idea that I'm seeing more often: In lieu of a favor, the bride and groom make a donation to their favorite charity in honor of their wedding day and their guests. AWESOME. This gift is truly a gift. If you choose this route, you can tastefully denote your "wedding favors" in either the program or on the menu card or on the guests seating assignment.


Happy (almost) Thanksgiving!!


image via Williams-Sonoma website

Not your Mother's Photobooth

While I can't take credit for this brilliant idea, I have been pitching the idea of what I call the "un-photobooth" all year long. I love the addition of a photobooth to a wedding; guests have a great time creating their "shot," while the bride and groom benefit from unexpected poses and spontaneous groupings of all their wonderful guests.

photo by Bec from Carson Hall Photography via ruffledblog

On the downside, old-fashioned photobooths, which require delivery, setup and often an attendant or two to operate throughout the event can sometimes be pricey when budgets are tight. This is where DIY booths come in. Set out cameras and film (old polaroid cameras are a fun option), a few fun props, perhaps a piece of fabric or beautiful curtain panel to act as a backdrop if your venue's natural surroundings aren't the look you're looking for, and, voila!, photobooth at a fraction of the cost!

Photo by You Look Nice Today via ruffledblog

In terms of props, try feather boas and funky hats, or continue the theme of your wedding by adding items that reflect the overall look of your day, such as vintage glasses or handheld chalkboards as they've done in the photos above. You'll have fun, spontaneous photos of your special day to enjoy for years to come!