Green Wedding Inspiration - A Fun Tabletop Design

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Last year I had the amazing opportunity to create three tablescapes for the summer isssue of Modern Luxury Weddings California.  To say that I was thrilled to work on this project would me a major understatement!  Then I found out we were going to shoot this up on the 70th floor of Skyspace LA, and I literally jumped for joy!


The magazine had the idea to show three tabletops: one incorporating an ombre design, one color-blocked table, and one monochromatic table, and I ran with it!  Below are the photos of my interpretation of the monochromatic scheme.  My inspiration for this table was that amazing linen from LaTavola Linens.  I had originally seen it in a different colorway, but when I saw this beauty in shades of green, I knew it was going to be the jumping off point for this design.


Next came tabletop items and flowers.  When I proposed this idea to floral designer Sherene from Wisteria Lane, she totally got where I wanted to go with this design and created this amazing centerpiece.  I swooned when I saw it!


Then, we layered in all the green china, flatware and glassware from Borrowed Blu, plus that amazing wood-handled flatware.  Even though this was technically a monochromatic look, I thought that the eye needed a little change of scenerey, hence the flatware and then the beautiful bamboo chairs from Vinis Party Rentals completed the look.


I hope you enjoyed a peek inside how a design comes together, as well as the gorgeous photos by Katie McGihon Photography!


Deanna Nash Events Modern Luxury Weddings 2


Deanna Nash Events Modern Luxury Weddings 3


Deanna Nash Events Modern Luxury Weddings 4


Deanna Nash Events Modern Luxury Weddings 5


Deanna Nash Events Modern Luxury Weddings 6


Deanna Nash Events Modern Luxury Weddings 7


Deanna Nash Events Modern Luxury Weddings 8


Deanna Nash Events Modern Luxury Weddings 9


Deanna Nash Events Modern Luxury Weddings 1


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He Asked! You Said Yes! You're Engaged! Five Rules to Get Your Wedding Planning Started!

Marry Me In Sand

Becoming engaged to the one you love is truly one of the most exciting times in any gal’s life.  I mean, there is the romance, coupled with the handsome fiancé, not to mention the beautiful bling.  It’s a magical state of euphoria that is unmatched by anything I’ve yet to experience.

You may have noticed that almost immediately upon announcing your engagement, you were bombarded with questions and advice from the well-meaning masses.  Literally, anyone who’s ever walked down the aisle has a tidbit of advice to share – some of it useful, much of it not.  Then come the questions:  have you chosen your date? do you have your dress yet? what are your colors? how many bridesmaids will you have?....It’s almost enough to take the shiny gleam off of your newly minted engagement! 

What to do, what to do?  Here are my five simple rules for enjoying (and surviving!) those first few weeks of engaged bliss.


Slow your roll

The night we got engaged, my now husband and I decided to keep it to ourselves for just a bit.  We savored it.  We admired the ring together.  We were like two giddy teens on our first date.  It was amazing.  Did I want to climb the highest skyscraper and shout it to the world?  Heck yeah I did.  But more than anything, I wanted to enjoy this moment with just him.  Mom, Dad, your besties and Facebook , not to mention the world at large, can wait a beat.  Holding this juicy little secret between just the two of us was one of my favorite parts of becoming engaged.  Trust me on this one.  You’ll always remember what it felt like.


Discuss the Details

The best advice I can give to newly engaged couples:  Have your first heart to heart as soon-to-be husband and wife about what kind of wedding YOU want.  This is not your momma’s wedding.   This is not your best friends nor your sister’s wedding.  This is YOUR day.  Think about it together, talk it through, come up with a plan and present it as a united front.  Of course, you’ll get advice from almost everyone, and there will be compromises to be made.  But agreeing on a basic plan and voicing it together will be one of the best things you do for yourself as a bride and groom.


The Budget Rules

Prepare yourself to have real, and sometimes difficult, discussions about budget.  Figure out your finances before making any commitments to guest count, venue, dress, or any other wedding detail.  If you need to take time to save, do so!  Enjoy a long engagement knowing that you won’t be in debt after your beautiful wedding.  If your families are fully paying for your wedding or helping out in any way, be prepared to be heed any requests they might have with respect and understanding.  That is not to say that you must agree fully with their every request, but calm heads prevail when it comes to talking dollars and cents.  Refer back to rule #2 – have a plan before discussing budget with your parents.  You’ll be glad you did.


Great Parties Come in Different Sizes

I see more arm wrestling over guests lists than I care to see.  Even the almighty budget discussion pales in comparison to discussions about who should be invited, and who should not.  But let me tell you this little secret:  Your guest count will dictate your budget, and vice-versa.  Every guest you add will, depending on your market, add as much as $100 - $250 to your budget.  So your cousin’s on-again off-again boyfriend might not be the best investment when it comes to adding him to the list.    

Where to start?  Make a short list.  Who MUST be there, and who do you WANT there.  Expand from there if needed (or wanted).  Take time to let this list develop.  It typically takes many passes at culling and editing this list before you’ll have your final list.  What NOT to do?  Don’t start huge and try to edit down.  Once a name is on the list, emotions weigh in and, trust me on this, it is much harder to delete someone from the list than it is to add them later. 


ENJOY the Process!

This is your big day, which can feel very overwhelming.  Where in the world does one start to plan?  Honestly, hire someone who can help you (this is not a shameless plug!).  Minimally, sit with a planner for a consultation to get some advice and get the ball rolling.  After you’ve taken heed of the first 4 rules listed above, you’ll be ready to tackle the to-do list of wedding planning.  There will be joys, there will be trials and tribulations, there may even be tears, but above all, the wedding planning process should be fun.  Remember, at the end of all of this, you get to marry the one you love.  My number one piece of advice – enjoy it all, take it all in.  This period of your life is finite, and this is your time to enjoy being enfianced!  

Happy Wedding Planning!



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Welcome -sign

I'm so excited to welcome you to the new home of my blog! I hope you'll click around the entire website, and welcome any comments and suggestions you might have.


I'll be back soon with stories and photos from this summer's weddings.


In the meantime, enjoy!





Great Gatsby-esque hair accessories


The hubby and I finally had a chance to see the Great Gatsby this past weekend, and I was in heaven. The movie was good, but I was really mesmerized by the clothes, makeup, hairstyles and ohhhh the hair accessories! While I don't think I can get away with chopping off my hair and donning art-deco hairpieces every day, I do t hink a beautiful hairpiece adds a certain touch of glamour to a bride's ensemble. Just look at some of these lovely pieces from the style geniuses at BHLDN:

                                                       BHLDN Jazz Age Halo
                                                       BHLDN Primrose Hairpin
                                                       BHLDN Valentine Comb
                                                       BHLDN Gatsby Halo
                                                       BHLDN Ariadne Halo
Are you wearing anything in your hair on your big day?

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Still in Love in with Vintage Weddings

I admit it, I'm still loving vintage-styled weddings.  The soft colors, romantic tablescapes, and seemingly blurred edges still sing to me.  I love that you can create a vintage-inspired wedding with just a few well-placed details, which won't require you spending your whole engagement DIY-ing your little heart out.  Equally appealing to me - sourcing pretty vintage touches at the flea market.

Check out a few of the pretty images from my vintage wedding Pinterest page:

Thanks for stopping by!

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Currently Loving....

Curently loving long flowy veils. I think they really do put that one final touch that says "bride" on each and every woman. What is your bridal veil style?












for images and sources, visit here.


Let's Talk Wedding Blogging

I love weddings.  That's no secret.  I love blogging about weddings.  That's probably not a secret either.    What might be a secret is that I find it hard to blog about weddings.   CrayZayTown!

How can that be, you ask?  Well, while I was considering how to answer that question, I counted my cursor blinking approximately 82 times.  And therein lies my problem-o.  I am easily distracted.  Sounds bad?  Not really, what I'm distracted by is all the pretty wedding information one can find online these days.  I get so busy reading other wedding blogs and websites and pinning on Pinterest, that my little blog falls by the wayside.

Additionally, I'm seriously critical of myself (aren't we all), and even more so when I stop to think that what I'm putting out there for the world (well, 8 followers) to see will be...gasp...judged by others!  My worst nightmare!  I fear being judged and deemed inadequate.  There.  I've admitted it.  So instead of upping my game, I make excuses for why I have no time to blog.  BS radar detector is beep, beep, beeping!!

So, I've decided to leave all that worry behind and do what I love.  Prepare to see fresh content more regularly.  I won't promise daily, and in doing so I'll avoid disappointing both you and me.  But I do promise content.  Fun ideas. Beautiful wedding eye-candy.  Maybe even a DIY project or two.  Stand by...

P.S.  If you want to become a follower, look to the right.  And if you want to show me some love, you can "like" me over at  No judging, I promise!


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The Perfect Wedding

While we love planning exquisite, elegant, perfect weddings, I want each of my brides and grooms to remember the quote above.  The day will be perfect because you're marrying each other.  We'll add the icing on the cake by making it the best day possible, helping you create memories for a lifetime.

Happy Monday!

p.s.  want help planning your perfect wedding?  Give me a call!

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WANTED! Spring and Summer Interns


So excited to announce that we're hiring interns for the Spring and Summer 2013 wedding season!Have you ever wondered what it takes to plan a wedding? Are you that girl or guy who peruses wedding blogs and mags, poring over all the details?  Do you think the wedding industry is where you'd like to be? Come aboard!

I'm looking for 1-2 interns for the upcoming wedding season.  You'll gain exposure to the Los Angeles wedding industry, have day-to-day responsibilities with brides and grooms, and be an integral part of real weddings.


* client maintenance and organization
* design research/creation of inspiration boards
* social media management
* attend vendor and client meetings
* vendor research / communication with vendors
* attend industry networking events
* assist with wedding day execution - set up, coordination, and break down
* assist with blog maintenance, including story and photo research; obtain photo credits/permissions;
* Opportunities will arise to exercise your graphic design skills as well


* Outgoing personality, works well independently, and with a positive attitude
* Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Adobe Photoshop
* Proficient in Blogger, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook
* Excellent communication and writing skills with a positive attitude toward customer service
* Previous event planning experience a plus but not required
* Car and cell phone preferred. You will be reimbursed for mileage and parking expenses
A sincere interest in the event and wedding industry.

Interested? Email for the full job description and application process.

I'm excited to meet you!



It's been awhile since I posted a proper Tuesday-Shoesday!  I'm love-love-loving tones of blush and pink for spring, and these beauties by BHLDN are swoon-worthy.  I'm picturing layers of tulle, a fluffy bouquet of pink peonies, and these beauties.


Happy Tuesday!


Downton Abbey - Why?!?!!

I watched the season finale of the 3rd Season of Downton Abbey last night.  I was a day late and had seen spoilers on Facebook, but I was hoping right down to the last minute that Facebook was wrong.  They were not.

For those of you who watch this fabulous, fabulous period drama, I know you join me in mourning dear Matthew Crawley.  For those of you who don't watch, isn't Mary a beautiful bride?  I'm seriously hoping to work with a bride who loves the 20's Gatsby-esque wedding style!

Happy Tuesday!

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Sneak Peek - Sylvia and Cesar's Old Hollywood Wedding

OMG!!  I've just received Sylvia and Cez's photos from their Old Hollywood themed wedding - Amazing!!  I'm so excited that I can't wait to share a sneak peak....

Cez - her hero, on their wedding day and every day!!

I love this couple and their wedding was nothing short of amazing.  Can't wait to share more soon.


p.s.  Look at that dress!  Stunning!  More soon!

Photography by Lorenzo Hodges


Presidential Weddings

To wrap up this week of politics and elections, I thought it would be fun to see photos of Presidents and their wives, past and present.  I love looking at old wedding photos, and I'm particularly drawn to those of the WWII era - so romantic!

President Barack Obama and Mrs. Michelle Obama
President George Bush and Mrs. Laura Bush

President Bill Clinton and Mrs. Hillary Clinton

President George Bush and Mrs. Barbara Bush
President Ronald Reagan and Mrs. Nancy Reagan
President Jimmy Carter and Mrs. Rosalyn Carter
President Gerald Ford and Mrs. Betty Ford
President Richard Nixon and Mrs. Patricia Nixon
(this is actually their shower - unable to find actual wedding photos)
President Lyndon Baines Johnson and Mrs. Lady Bird Johnson
President John F. Kennedy and Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy
Have a great weekend!

Amber and Andrew's wedding video!


I'm so excited to share this video from Amber and Andrew's Ojai Valley Inn and Spa Wedding.  They were among some of the funniest, kind, and warm people I've ever worked with, and their wedding was Ah.Maze.Ing.  Just watch to see for yourself!


Big, Gigantic, HUGE thanks to Kim Fox Photography for the still photography, and Perfect Fit Studios for the Video.  You both ROCK!


Feeling a little Mad(Men)-ish this afternoon...

Confession: I've only watched a few episodes of "Mad Men." There. I've said it. It's on my Netflix list, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet. However, I'm "mad" about the wardrobe and styling, and love seeing designers incorporate this style into their collections.


Happy Friday!  Here's to getting around to a few more episodes this weekend! Enjoy!





1.  Bibhu Mohapatra gown via Martha Stewart Weddings, 2.  BHLDN Comme Il Faut gown, 3.  Carol Hannah La Cite gown, 4.  Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti via Martha Stewart Weddings, 5.  Carol Hannah Bellevue gown, 6.  BHLDN Bouvier Column Gown 7.  Maneul Mota Vitoria gown.