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I Love Mondays - Ombre!

Hello Friends!  I want to wish you all a Happy 2012 - but it's almost embarrassing to do so since January is practically over!  Where have I been?  I've been here and there, planning weddings, meeting brides and grooms, exploring new and exciting venues, and putting the final touches on my own wedding, too!  So, embarrassed or not, I do wish you a fabulous new year!
I'm finally back to blogging, too, and wanted to kick-off the new year with an emerging trend in the wedding industry - ombre!  When I first noticed the ombre trend trickling into weddings, I was not sure the direction it would take.  Now, though, I'm really loving it.  It feels fresh and fun.  It lends itself to casual or super elegant, and everything in-between.  You can flirt with ombre, such as with the flower arrangements shown below, or you can go all out with an ombre wedding dress.  The color (spectrum!) is yours to play with. 
LOVE this ombre-inspired centerpiece.  
I'm particularly fond of ombre bridesmaid dresses - the look is unified without being matched exactly. 
ombre - loosened up.
The ombre-effect in hair highlights is really hot in Hollywood right now.

And if you want to take the look from top to tip, ombre nails!  I think this would look really fun on toes too!

Thank you all for sticking with me, and check back soon for regular updates!


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