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Currently Loving....

Curently loving long flowy veils. I think they really do put that one final touch that says "bride" on each and every woman. What is your bridal veil style?












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I Love Mondays - Brightly Hued Wedding Nails

I think I'll dub 2011 the year of the bright lip and even brighter nails!  This year, more than any other year I can recall, women of all ages have embraced colorful lips and nails, and that trend has definitely found its way into wedding fashion as well.  For as long as I can remember, pale pink polish or the ubiquitous french mani have been de rigueur when it comes to weddings.  No more!  Brides are embracing their passion for color, from mis-matched floral centerpieces to fun painted furniture as accent pieces, to their lips and nails.

Love this look on Drew Barrymore.  Girl can pull off just about any look, and she does vintage here quite well.

Bright flowers with equally bright nails.

Lovely coral...and Chanel to boot!

Love that her nails are short, but she went for red anyway.  My kind of girl!

I love this look, but I would be hard-pressed to wear it myself.  However, I would definitely wear each of these colors.

Notice that the "moons" of her nails are a lighter color - intriguing!

Love this color -  need it now!


I'm calling this one the "party nail."  So elegant and eye-catching.  Would you try it?

Happy Monday!

all images via my Pinterest page


Bridal Jewelry

While surfing around the internet recently looking at bridal jewelry, I came across Adorn Brides, a website that allows you to rent actual diamond jewelry for your big day. While I'm a fan of the equally beautiful faux jewels that are now widely available, this site did catch my eye - and why not? What girl doesn't like diamonds?! Enjoy perusing the baubles!
photo from Adorn Brides website