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I Love Mondays - Brightly Hued Wedding Nails

I think I'll dub 2011 the year of the bright lip and even brighter nails!  This year, more than any other year I can recall, women of all ages have embraced colorful lips and nails, and that trend has definitely found its way into wedding fashion as well.  For as long as I can remember, pale pink polish or the ubiquitous french mani have been de rigueur when it comes to weddings.  No more!  Brides are embracing their passion for color, from mis-matched floral centerpieces to fun painted furniture as accent pieces, to their lips and nails.

Love this look on Drew Barrymore.  Girl can pull off just about any look, and she does vintage here quite well.

Bright flowers with equally bright nails.

Lovely coral...and Chanel to boot!

Love that her nails are short, but she went for red anyway.  My kind of girl!

I love this look, but I would be hard-pressed to wear it myself.  However, I would definitely wear each of these colors.

Notice that the "moons" of her nails are a lighter color - intriguing!

Love this color -  need it now!


I'm calling this one the "party nail."  So elegant and eye-catching.  Would you try it?

Happy Monday!

all images via my Pinterest page


I Love Mondays - Cake, cake and more cake!

I had a fabulous weekend - and I hope all of you wonderful mothers out there did too! Since I'm a doggy-mom, my sweet fiance took me to my favorite Tex-Mex joint for lunch, and then we commenced with some wedding planning activities. And you know what? We had a blast!

Our first stop post-lunch was a local beachside hotel that is currently under consideration as the venue for our wedding. While I've been to this hotel many times and have done multiple events there, my fiance had not and it was great to see the space through his fresh perspective. We both really like it, and can imagine ourselves along with our family and friends there, so we've added it to the short list.

Next stop: wedding registry. I thought that we would have fun, but I didn't anticipate how MUCH fun it would be! We had so much fun that mr. fiance commented that he should get married more often. That drew a laugh from me, and sideways glances from our fellow shoppers...hehehe. Needless to say, mr. fiance got to hold the zapper/gun/thingy while I got to point to the items we need and tell him how many of each to add to the list. **Note to our future guests - we might have gotten a tad carried away with the zapping, so we're going to edit the list before making it public.**

Finally, (and here's where I'll get to the point of today's post) we stopped at a local bakery to try some of their tasty delights. Again, I've been to this bakery, used their services for weddings, and may have tasted a bite (or two or three) of their goods before, but my sweets-loving fiance had not. There was a bit of a line, but that gave us time to decide what flavors to try: vanilla bean frosting on vanilla cake for him, vanilla bean frosting on chocolate cake for me (we are WILD, aren't we?). The verdict: YUM, definitely serving their cake at our wedding. In fact, why stop at just one cake, when you can have multiple? And therein lies the plan - we'll have multiple cakes in varying flavors and design. Now we just need to go back to the bakery and officially "taste" them and make final decisions. Oh, it's a rough life, but someone's gotta do it!

So, in anticipation of the big cake reveal, some of my favorites from around the web:

martha stewart weddings via this is glamorous
via the knot.com

via theknot.com

via theknot.com

via doublyhappytoo.blogspot.com

via theknot.com

via theknot.com

martha stewart weddings via this is glamorous

Happy Monday!

If it's Monday it Must Be Love...Vintage-Inspired Tabletops

Ah, Monday, how I love thee...well, at least I love writing about weddings on Mondays! This week's installment of I love Mondays is one of my favorite themes for a wedding - Vintage-inspired tabletops. I love love love the look of vintage pieces mixed and matched with current pieces for the perfect table arrangement. Vintage can be interpreted in many ways, from many eras. For Jasmine and David's reception, we used mix-and-match tables and chairs, nixed the idea of table linens, and added old house numbers to act as table numbers.

Jasmine's Mom Denise spent months hunting down the perfect shade of aqua blue-green Ball jars to act as vases, and we incorporated clear Ball jars as candle holders. Finally, our fantastic florist, Holly Flora, incorporated some of their funky vases to highlight their beautiful flower arrangements. Vintage perfection.
For Alyssa and Anselm's wedding, we interpreted vintage as a bright palette of flowers in funky vcontainers to give a 60's MadMen-ish vibe. We used simple white linens and minimalist place settings to complete the look. It was unique and fun, and perfectly matched this lovely couple's aesthetic.

Another favorite idea - forgoing plain rented china for old patterened sets. I love this look, and this totally lends itself to my love of scouring flea markets. For someone who loves having old pieces around, this is a great way to both build your collection and formulate the perfect, one-of-a-kind table setting. If you want a unique look and love vintage - this is the way to go to ensure your look is like no other.

Happy Monday!

photos: one, two and three, Raya Carlisle Photography. four and five, Suzanne Mapes Photography. six via coutryliving.com


If it's Monday it Must Be Love...

Happy Monday everyone! I'm thrilled to share with you my next Monday love - Letterpress invitations.

To say I love paper products would be an understatement. I could spend hours perusing my favorite paper stores, finding obscure little paper items to bring home. So to combine my love of weddings with my love of papers, what better to represent that crossroads than letterpress wedding invitations!

I know what you're thinking - letterpress can be pricey. Yes, it can be, I won't deny that. However, in the age of the internet, you can find everything from bespoke items to ready-designed paper suites in a range to fit almost any budget.

So, without further delay, some of my faves...

Danielle - Honeybee PressLesley - Honeybee Press
New Calligraphy - Bella Figura
Danielle - Honeybee Press

Chapin - Bella Figura

Popular Country - Bella Figura

Barcelona - Bella Figura

Typology - Bella Figura

Anna - Honeybee Press

If It's Monday it must be Love.....

There are oh-so-many things I love about weddings. Blushing brides, handsome grooms, tears of joy and yummy cakes, to name just a few. So with today being Valentine's Day - the day of love - it seems only fitting to begin a new weekly blog series "I Love Monday," where I'll share my love for all things wedding. It's my hope that on Sunday evening, rather than dreading facing the boss in the a.m., you'll anxiously await the next installment of I Love Monday and tune in here for a dose of wedding eye-candy!

So, without further delay, I am proud to introduce my first Monday love: Wedding dresses with a strap or sleeves.

Don't get me wrong, strapless dresses are stunning and flatter many shapes and sizes. But I'm a sleeve girl - always have been. When flipping through wedding mags, I'm always drawn to dresses that have either a strap or a sleeve. So, to celebrate this first I Love Monday post - drumroll please - a few of my favorite dresses, each with a bit of fabric gracing the shoulder. Enjoy!

(Elie Saab via This is Glamorous blog)

(Carolina Herrera Sonia via theknot.com)


(Lela Rose - The Woods)

(Peter Langner Xantia Due via Martha Stewart Weddings)

(Vera Wang Farrah)