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I Love Mondays - Ombre!

Hello Friends!  I want to wish you all a Happy 2012 - but it's almost embarrassing to do so since January is practically over!  Where have I been?  I've been here and there, planning weddings, meeting brides and grooms, exploring new and exciting venues, and putting the final touches on my own wedding, too!  So, embarrassed or not, I do wish you a fabulous new year!
I'm finally back to blogging, too, and wanted to kick-off the new year with an emerging trend in the wedding industry - ombre!  When I first noticed the ombre trend trickling into weddings, I was not sure the direction it would take.  Now, though, I'm really loving it.  It feels fresh and fun.  It lends itself to casual or super elegant, and everything in-between.  You can flirt with ombre, such as with the flower arrangements shown below, or you can go all out with an ombre wedding dress.  The color (spectrum!) is yours to play with. 
LOVE this ombre-inspired centerpiece.  
I'm particularly fond of ombre bridesmaid dresses - the look is unified without being matched exactly. 
ombre - loosened up.
The ombre-effect in hair highlights is really hot in Hollywood right now.

And if you want to take the look from top to tip, ombre nails!  I think this would look really fun on toes too!

Thank you all for sticking with me, and check back soon for regular updates!


photos via 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


I Love Mondays - Brightly Hued Wedding Nails

I think I'll dub 2011 the year of the bright lip and even brighter nails!  This year, more than any other year I can recall, women of all ages have embraced colorful lips and nails, and that trend has definitely found its way into wedding fashion as well.  For as long as I can remember, pale pink polish or the ubiquitous french mani have been de rigueur when it comes to weddings.  No more!  Brides are embracing their passion for color, from mis-matched floral centerpieces to fun painted furniture as accent pieces, to their lips and nails.

Love this look on Drew Barrymore.  Girl can pull off just about any look, and she does vintage here quite well.

Bright flowers with equally bright nails.

Lovely coral...and Chanel to boot!

Love that her nails are short, but she went for red anyway.  My kind of girl!

I love this look, but I would be hard-pressed to wear it myself.  However, I would definitely wear each of these colors.

Notice that the "moons" of her nails are a lighter color - intriguing!

Love this color -  need it now!


I'm calling this one the "party nail."  So elegant and eye-catching.  Would you try it?

Happy Monday!

all images via my Pinterest page


I Love Mondays - Soft Wedding Bouquets

Hello!  I'm finally back to the I Love Monday series.  I've missed writing about my favorite things, and thank you for letting me have a little time to get things in order!


To kick off my return, today I'm writing about something that surprises me - my new-found love for soft bouquets. You see, I've always been a structural flower kind of girl.  And I've almost always gravitated toward bouquets and arrangements that were comprised of a single flower.  I guess old dogs can learn new tricks, though, because more and more I find myself drawn to beautiful arrangements comprised of soft, almost paper-like flowers. I really love soft colors bound with a striking ribbon.  And I've always loved bouquets that were personalized with charms, small lockets with photos of loved ones, and rosaries. 



ohhhh how I love anenomes


ranunculus and roses are divine


while a little more structured, the dusty miller and anenomes soften the overall look


I love this one so much...I think those are ranunculs and roses, but what are the papery pink blooms?

I really could look at these photos over and over.  And a little hint.....these shots are accompanying me on my visit with my florist for our wedding!  :-)

Thank you for your patience, and...Happy Monday!


photo credits:
established in paris
Martha Stewart Weddings scanned by Deanna Nash Events


I Love Mondays - Eternity Wedding Bands

Now that I've been given the most beautiful engagement ring in the world, it's getting close to the time when we need to look for wedding bands. I've loved the look of eternity bands for as long as I can remember. Even before I knew what my engagement ring would look like, I knew I would want an eternity wedding band. There are so many different styles, that I'm anticipating having a tough time choosing! I love when the diamonds are individually set, though I've also been admiring the look of the channel setting. So many options!

Here's the twist....I plan to wear my wedding band on my right hand. Gasp! As I'm sure you all know, in Western cultures the wedding band is worn on the left hand, an age-old tradition that signals a woman (or man) is married. It's not that I'm experiencing a rebellious streak or want to show that I can buck tradition, it's really a matter of practicality. See, the shape of the setting of my engagement ring would force that I not have an eternity band. In fact, it would require that I have one of those wedding bands that is open in the middle and allows the engagement ring to slip down into that setting. Not my style at all.

Luckily, my beloved doesn't care one bit which hand I wear it on, as long as I wear it! I also have a friend or two who wear theirs on their right hand, so I never gave it a second thought. That is, until I was getting ready to write this post and did a little research. Imagine my surprise when I found that some believe wearing your wedding band on the right hand means you're married but willing to have a fling! Still others believe it means you're not totally committed to your relationship (which would lead back to the first explanation, I suppose). Ugh.

Not one to be deterred so easily, I've decided to still wear it on my right hand. And to be on the front lines of the movement to declare that wearing your wedding band on your right hand means you want to be sure everyone knows you're taken, no matter which hand they're looking at!

Happy Monday!



If it's Monday it Must Be Love...

Happy Monday everyone! I'm thrilled to share with you my next Monday love - Letterpress invitations.

To say I love paper products would be an understatement. I could spend hours perusing my favorite paper stores, finding obscure little paper items to bring home. So to combine my love of weddings with my love of papers, what better to represent that crossroads than letterpress wedding invitations!

I know what you're thinking - letterpress can be pricey. Yes, it can be, I won't deny that. However, in the age of the internet, you can find everything from bespoke items to ready-designed paper suites in a range to fit almost any budget.

So, without further delay, some of my faves...

Danielle - Honeybee PressLesley - Honeybee Press
New Calligraphy - Bella Figura
Danielle - Honeybee Press

Chapin - Bella Figura

Popular Country - Bella Figura

Barcelona - Bella Figura

Typology - Bella Figura

Anna - Honeybee Press

If It's Monday it Must be Love...

Happy Monday! Here on the west coast Monday is quickly coming to a close, but I wanted to share with you another of my "Monday loves" - single colored florals. Don't get me wrong, I love multi-colored bouquets as well, but for me personally, there's just something eyecatching about a bouquet comprised of multiple flowers in the same shade. They can be elegant and playful, brightly colored or subdued, but each time I spy one of these beauties I stop and stare. The interest provided by the different textures is the winning ingredient for me. So
enjoy these beauties, and check back here next week for another installment of "I love Monday!"

Susan Bordelon Photography

Rebecca for Docuvitae

Susan Bordelon Photography
Joy Harman, Wildflowers Photography
Susan Bordelon Photography
Suzanne Mapes Photography

Susan Bordelon Photography

via weddings-receptions-flower ideas.com

Joy Harman, Wildflowers Photography