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happy anniversary keren and jeffrey!

I have so many beautiful photos from past weddings that it seems a shame not to include them simply because I'm just now beginning to blog. So in an effort to be all-inclusive, you may see posts about weddings past...
The first one happens to be on the anniversary of past clients Keren and Jeffrey. Both performing artists, K&J had a collective wonderful eye for detail, and chose the exciting Cooper Design Building for both their wedding and reception.

If you're not familiar with this space, think blank white canvas with tons of windows and natural light. The space is huge, but with the help of event designer Brian Worley, hundreds of yards of filmy white fabric, and lots of pipe and drape the space was transformed and designed to open up as a surprise reveals as guests moved through the evening.
As guests entered the space, they came upon black-aproned wait staff passing glasses of cold bubbly and a very elegant ceremony space with huge white paper lanterns (these lanterns have to be 5 times larger than any I've ever seen) and sun streaming through the windows. Following a beautifully touching ceremony, white curtains were moved aside to reveal a long bar, tons of candles, and beautiful manzanita trees dressed with crystals, from which dangled the guests escort cards.
As dinner began, the curtains were moved again to reveal a very chic downtown-vibe dinner scene, featuring wheatgrass centerpieces and tables named after K&J's favorite albums (K is a singer-songwriter). Additionally, the ceremony location had been turned over to a dance floor, and colorful uplighting set the mood for the party.

Following dinner, the couple's first dance was preceded by a surprise performance by Keren, singing a beautiful song she had written for Jeffrey. It truly was an enchanted evening, and I was so fortunate to help K&J turn their dream into reality.

photos courtesy of Suzanne Mapes Photography